About Xopo

Xopo plays traditional dance music from the Balkans in many styles on clarinet, accordion, trombone, acoustic string bass, various drums, as well as a large array of plucked stringed instruments. Captivating vocals round out the sound of this exhilarating dance music from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Albania and beyond.

"Xopo" is the Cyrillic spelling of the Bulgarian word "Horo" meaning "dance". Our Americanized pronunciation "zo-po", reflects our identity as Americans, passionate to be playing music from the Balkans, to which we bring our own native influences.

This kind of community dancing has played an important social role in many parts of the world over a span of centuries, just one reason why it has survived this long. The intoxicating music is another reason for its longevity. Xopo's goal is to help perpetuate this life enhancing experience of music and dance into future generations.

Band Members

Becky Ashenden - Accordion

Chuck Corman - Trombone, Tambura, & Accordion

Addie Rose Holland - Clarinet & Vocals

Gawain Thomas - Accordion

Annie Guion - Vocals & Percussion

Barbara Blumenthal - Tambura

Joe Blumenthal - Bass

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